We’re so very thankful for the guides who feel called to invest in the lives of the boys at Crossroads. Kasey Van Daley has shared this ministry vision with us for several years, and we’re blessed he’s able to continue to be involved. He was a guide during this season’s 2nd hunt and the following is his story:

I was fortunate enough to be a part of this hunt, what an amazing weekend! Our mission during these hunts is to connect with these young men and share with them the love and gospel of Jesus Christ through the outdoors. I think we were successful in that mission, but it’s funny how almost every time we, as Christ followers, go out on mission God reveals himself to us as well.

When we were in the blind watching animals, we talked a lot about God’s provision. It was a great reminder for me to recognize and appreciate God’s provision in my every day life. He is my provider, and he’s provided more than I could ever imagine, yet I still struggle to trust him each and every day.

This weekend was also a reminder for me, as a father of three, of how important it is to be intentional with my own kids. It’s important that I speak encouragement and affirmation into their hearts. It won’t happen naturally, it’s something I have to do on purpose.

I sincerely appreciate this ministry and everyone involved. This was an amazing weekend, and I was honored to get to be a part of it!

Kasey Van Daley