Thank you, Volunteers, near and far!

It takes a pretty big crew to pull off each hunt weekend. We are incredibly thankful for everyone who is a part of each weekend…..our hunt and spiritual guides, our “chef” and “sous chef”, our EMT and others of various, equally important roles. We’re thankful for these men who give up an entire weekend to be here, as well as their wives who are left to tend to the responsibilities at home. Especially, the mommies!!! We know it is a sacrifice! You have volunteered your time for the sake of deserving boys, and we THANK YOU, too!!!

Also a big thank you to our friend Robin who sent with her husband buckets of goodies for each boy. We set them on the bunkbeds to help welcome each boy as he arrived. What a special treat! Thank you, Robin!!!


And to those who of you who pray, you are our valued volunteers! Your time lifting up these amazing boys and their guides is worth more than you may ever know. We send a very big, humble thank you!

The next post will be coming soon with lots of photos. But until then, here’s our awesome group.