Frequently Asked Questions

Who sponsors these outings?

The weekend hunts are sponsored by the Crossroads Ministry and a variety of donors. We are always looking for new sponsors.

Are there any out-of-pocket expenses for the youth?

No, the weekend hunts are 100 percent paid for by Crossroads and its sponsors.

How are boys nominated?

Most young men are recommended by our community of families, friends and churches, but we are always interested to know if there is a deserving young man who would benefit by being introduced to our outdoor experience. If you have someone in mind, please let us know.

Is there a nomination process?

If you know of a deserving young man, contact us and tell us the story.

What about firearm safety and hunting experience?

No rifle or hunting experience is required. And safety is absolutely our No.1 priority. Prior to being approved for a weekend hunt, we take all candidates to a shooting range so we can evaluate them for maturity and preparedness. We don’t promise that every candidate will be accepted on a weekend hunt, but we do give each young man an opportunity to go to the shooting range and participate in the field assessment and firearm safety training to determine if they are ready for a weekend hunt.

How are firearms handled?

Crossroads at Panadero Ranch takes firearm safety very seriously. All weapons are checked in and out of a locked safe by an adult guide who follows a strict safety protocol. All adult guides are in control of all firearms at all times up until the moment that an animal appears on a hunt, and then participants are closely monitored while they  are in possession of firearms.

What are the accommodations?

All participants are housed in one of three houses on the compound. Youth are housed together in a central bunkhouse along with guides. Meals and general gathering are in the Spike House.

What about the guides?

Each boy will have one hunt guide and one spiritual guide with him in the blinds. All guides have undergone extensive hunter training, have multiple years of hunting experience and have approved background checks. The guides typically range in age from early 30s to late 50s.