This past weekend was … well, it was just the BEST, too! It’s such a blessing to hear from the guides how they share the Lord’s goodness with their young hunters. And also how the Lord speaks to the guides themselves through the weekend. We’ll be posting more testimonies from them along the way.

This was our fantastic and somewhat crazy group:

IMG_7013 IMG_7015IMG_7054

Here are some photos during meal time along with Mitchell and Kasey’s (maybe just a little bit exaggerated) story about Bill going out to conquer a skunk crossing the back porch in the early hours of Saturday morning.

IMG_7006 IMG_7009 IMG_7004IMG_7008 IMG_7003 IMG_7002 IMG_7001 IMG_6999  IMG_7010IMG_7057

“…for the rest of my life.”

After an inch of rain, the weather cleared up Saturday and it became a beautiful day. It gave time, before going back out to the blinds that late afternoon, to take our guests out for a ride around the ranch and to the breeding pens to meet our tame does. As one of the boys was hand feeding a doe, he made the comment, “I’ll never forget this weekend for the rest of my life”. And THAT is the experience we pray for each of our guest while here at Crossroads.

IMG_7012 IMG_7056

There is a very special ceremony the last night around the fire pit. It’s a very purposeful time. It’s the culmination of weekend experiences and conversations. It’s when barriers are broken and gratitude arises. It’s when the Lord is raised up and glorified. The foundation and purpose of this time around the fire is built on the scripture from Proverbs 27:17. “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

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