Official Rules for the Crossroads at Panadero Ranch Ministry 2018 Fundraiser Raffle

This is a fundraiser raffle for CROSSROADS at PANADERO RANCH ministry (hereinafter, “Crossroads”) and will operate as the “Administrator” of the raffle.

The Crossroads is a Christ-centered non-profit organization (501 c3) designed to provide deserving youth with the opportunity to experience the love of our Lord Jesus Christ through a quality outdoor experience.

There is no cash substitute for any prizes and raffle prize winners will not have right to substitute another prize for any raffle prize offered through this drawing. Entries are not transferable. An entrant is the person who purchases the $100 raffle entry.  The named entrant is the only person eligible to take transfer of any prize drawn for that entry. This Fundraising event is limited to only 500 entries and all sales will cease once those entries are sold. Entrant sales will begin on Tuesday May 29th and will cease at midnight July 4th or whenever the 500 entries are sold out.

Grand Prize

  • Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunt

Other great prizes

  • Trophy Texas Dall Sheep Hunt
  • Winchester 300 Win Mag. Rifle
  • Custom Honor Defense 9mm Handgun
  • Sand Colored 75 Qt. Bison Cooler

** Please see addendum for additional information on hunts and prizes**

Entrants must be 21 years of age or older.  The minimum age of 21 is required because one of the prizes is a handgun which is eligible for transfer only to persons of that age and older. All entrant holders must be eligible to lawfully receive and possess firearms and/or ammunition. All Federal and State laws apply. This raffle is void where prohibited.

Each entrant is eligible to win a single prize in this raffle. Winning entries by the same entrant will be removed from the pool and will not be included in subsequent drawings, except for the Grand Prize. All entrants, regardless of winning other prizes will be eligible for the Grand Prize drawing.

Raffle entries must be purchased online at and received by the Administrator by 12:00 PM on July 4, 2018

Crossroads’ Board of Directors and their household members shall not be eligible to purchase entries to the raffle or win prizes.

A person who has been designated by the Administrator shall draw the winning entries at the drawing. In no instance will any person who has purchased an entry or a closely-related family member of an entrant actually draw for winning entries in this raffle.

Drawings for the five prizes will be will occur on the designated drawing date/time and will be conducted via Facebook Live (live video streaming) from the Crossroads ministry page

Firearm prizes will be delivered FOB to respective winners by Copperhead Creek Arms. The Administrator reserves the authority to agree and arrange with any winner to transport the firearm to another location for transfer of the firearm. It is the responsibility of each raffle prize winner to qualify for and obtain transfer of each firearm raffle prize within 90 days of the drawing.  Failure of a raffle winner to qualify for and accept transfer of the firearm within that time will result in forfeiture of the prize to the Administrator. If a person drawn for a raffle is not eligible to receive the prize drawn, the prize will be deemed forfeited to the raffle administrator.

Shipping for any firearm prizes will be limited to the 48 contiguous states of United States of America. Winners will be responsible for shipping or obtaining their prizes.

The firearms and prizes listed in this raffle have been secured and received on behalf of the Administrator. However, in the event of unavailability or other unforeseen circumstances, the Administrator reserves the right to substitute a firearm or prize of substantially equal value for any prize listed in this raffle.

To be eligible for entry into the drawing entrants must provide all required information and successfully purchase an entry at the website.

All winners here by give consent to the use and reproduction by Crossroads at Panadero Ranch, Inc., a Non-Profit organization, of any and all names, photographs and any other audio/visual materials that are taken of for promotional printed material, educational activities, exhibitions or for any other use for the benefit of the program.

Winners are responsible for any taxes and tax reporting required by law.  The Administrator makes no representations as to the presence or absence of requirements for tax reporting or tax liabilities associated with the entry purchases or prizes from this event.  The Administrator reserves the authority to issue appropriate tax reporting information for the winners.

Rules and Regulations Continued:

  1. ALL items raffled are “as is”. Crossroads assumes no responsibility for the validity of the descriptions, authenticity, or condition of any item donated for raffle. Crossroads makes no warranty or guarantee, express or implied, regarding any property or service raffled including, but not limited to, any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability. Values listed are as stated by donors and not warranted by Crossroads for tax or any other purpose.
  2. ALL items raffled (whether goods or services) have been acquired or obtained by Crossroads from third parties. The winner acknowledges that the items have not been inspected by Crossroads and that the winner is advised, in the case of firearms, knives or hunting equipment, to secure a competent inspection and test of goods before use.
  3. By making a purchase of a raffle entry, the purchaser waives any claim for liability against Crossroads Ministry or the donor of any property or service, and neither Crossroads nor the donor is responsible for any personal injuries or damages to property that may result from the utilization of any property or services raffled. If any action or claim is made against Crossroads by an individual, entity, or state, local, federal, foreign or political body for any matter whatsoever arising from the use of the raffled items, the purchaser/winner will pay Crossroads attorneys’ fees and costs and will hold Crossroads harmless from any judgement thereon.
  4. By making a purchase of a raffle entry, the purchaser agrees that:
    1. The raffle and purchases made shall be governed in all respects, whether as to validity, construction, capacity, performance, or otherwise, by the laws of the State of Texas, except as pre-empted by federal law and that venue for any and all raffles, including litigation, mediation and/or arbitration, shall be in Travis County, Texas.
    2. Any dispute or action arising out of or relating to the raffle and winnings shall first be submitted to mediation before a mediator mutually agreed to by the Parties, with said mediation to be held in Travis County, Texas. If Mediation is unsuccessful, then such dispute or claim shall be submitted to final and binding arbitration in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association or other appropriate standard relating to disputes out of contract, before one arbitrator, with said arbitration to be held in Travis County, Texas.
  5. ALL WINNINGS/SALES ARE FINAL, ALL TANGIBLE GOODS WON AT THE CROSSROADS RAFFLE ARE SUBJECT TO THE CURRENT STATE AND LOCAL SALES TAX RATES and all winners of any item valued at $600.00 or more will receive a notification of such value. THERE WILL BE NO EXCHANGES OR REFUNDS on items or services. Unless otherwise indicated, all items, services and hunts must be used within one year of the date of the raffle. Dates and times are to be arranged at the mutual convenience of the donor and winner.
  6. IT IS THE WINNER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO CONTACT THE DONOR REGARDING ITEMS, SERVICES OR HUNTS and to make arrangements for the hunt dates and the application of necessary paperwork for licenses and permits.
  7. Although Crossroads has made every effort to ensure the quality of donated hunts and trips, it cannot, and does not, guarantee the satisfaction of either the donor or the winner.
  8. The terms and conditions set forth in the “Official Raffle Rules and Regulations” are hereby incorporated herein by reference.

The purchase of any “Crossroads Raffle Ticket” signifies and guarantees  that the purchaser has read and understands these Official Raffle Rules and Regulations. The purchaser accepts and agrees to completely abide by and be legally bound by ALL the terms, conditions, rules and regulations.