4-plus inches of rain

Although we’re so very thankful for the rain, there’s hardly been a break in it all day.  As of now there’s over 4 inches in the rain gauge for the day. That’s very good news! However, as glad as we are for the moisture to the dry land, it makes for some very wet hunting and challenging conditions. But I’m pretty sure the weather will just enhance the stories all these guys will be repeating for weeks, maybe even months, to come!

Special thanks to Dickies

By the way, we want to give a big THANKS to one of our corporate sponsor, Dickies.  Because of your generous donation, all the guys are staying warm and dry with great water resistant outerwear. Thank you, Dickies!!


So far, 2 of our hunters have had success and the other 2 are continuing to persevere. But regardless of whether a hunt is “successful” or not, there are endless things our 4 guys are learning this weekend from their great guides … one of which is what the Lord has to show them in the Crossroads of life.

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