About the program

The “Crossroads at Panadero Ranch” was founded as a mission and ministry with the intent of providing opportunities for youth to experience the love of our Lord Jesus Christ through education, training, Christian mentoring and fellowship experiences in the great outdoors. Direction for “Crossroads at Panadero Ranch” is accomplished by a Board of Intercessors comprised of godly men and women that ensures commitment to the program, defines modes of authority and protects the stability and existence of the ministry from an administration oversight standpoint. Through combined resources, “Crossroads” wants to engage deserving youth to provide these unique opportunities to know our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is the desire of “Crossroads at Panadero Ranch” to teach each youth about the love of the outdoors and God’s creation, to love God first and be unselfish toward others. We want each youth to know that they are loved and valued and that God has a unique and wonderful plan for their lives.

On each trip, the youth are surrounded by outdoor minded believers. Designated guides accompany each young man and, together with Board members and volunteers, facilitates their adventure experience. When a child is placed in God’s creation away from the distraction of social and electronic media, with an adult skilled in harvesting game and assisting our Father in harvesting souls, it is amazing to see how the Holy Spirit moves in children.

About the ranch

The headquarters for all outdoor and hunting activities are conducted at the Panadero Ranch, which is located 13 miles northeast of Junction, Texas. The Panadero Ranch is 567 acres under lease to Crossroads. The ranch property is located in the center of the “Texas Hill Country” and can be characterized as gently rolling hills covered in large stands of Live Oak and White oak trees along with groomed cedar trees. There are several deep drainage systems that support excellent habitat for wildlife. The variety of wildlife species currently seen on the ranch include White-tailed deer, Blackbuck antelope, Axis deer, turkey, quail, dove, ducks, as well as predators such as bobcats and Grey fox.

Hunting sessions

Hunting sessions are held in both elevated and ground blinds with each blind able to comfortably accommodate three people. Two guides and guest hunter are transported to their blind in a Polaris ranger for the safety of all. Activities other than hunting will be planned for off hours to include archery, washers, horseshoes and occasional guest speakers from Texas Parks and Wildlife, local peace officers and experienced outdoorsmen.

The facilities

The facilities on the Panadero Ranch include three separate bunk houses located in a central compound area, with each bunk house able to house six to eight individuals. The guest children are housed together in the original ranch house along with several guides.

About the youth

The youth that participate in this program go through a nomination and application process. A Qualified Applicant:

  • Is from 11 to 16 years of age
  • Has a good behavioral background
  • Has little to no outdoor and hunting experience
  • Is faced with challenges that might include financial, parental support issues, or a disability

A candidate for selection must:

  • Submit a completed application
  • Provide written and certified permission by all legal guardians
  • Complete all releases
  • Complete a personal interview and assessment

To learn more or to explore the nomination and application process, contact us.