The weekend….

….in pictures.

Of course, eating is of utmost importance.

IMG_7296 IMG_7297 IMG_7282IMG_7281

Of top priority is target shooting and getting comfortable again with the guns…..




IMG_4163 IMG_9986

Then there are instructions and a time of prayer before heading out to the stands.

IMG_4167 IMG_7294

The boys and their guides spend a lot of time together in the field and the blinds.


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IMG_0272 IMG_0275

The in between time calls for some fun competition,

IMG_9991 DSC_0742 IMG_9992 IMG_9993



IMG_0002 IMG_6494

going to the pens to meet our tame does and one of our breeder bucks,







and time to just hang out and enjoy.

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Hunting isn’t easy. Unfortunately, not everyone will harvest. But we all rejoice in the success of others.

IMG_4184 IMG_4174 IMG_7299 IMG_7300

Time outdoors allows opportunities to notice God’s incredible creation. And sometimes a great photo result. Good job, Mitchell!


Saturday night is a very special time together.



Bill shares an encouraging message with the boys.


We’re always sad to have to let the boys leave the ranch. But our prayers for them continue.


A Story: On mission

We’re so very thankful for the guides who feel called to invest in the lives of the boys at Crossroads. Kasey Van Daley has shared this ministry vision with us for several years, and we’re blessed he’s able to continue to be involved. He was a guide during this season’s 2nd hunt and the following is his story:

A Story: Are we missing the target?

No matter what volunteer role one is called to during the weekend, everyone has a part in showing the Lord’s unconditional love to our young hunters. However, the role of a spiritual guide provides a very special opportunity. Here’s Bill’s story:

A Story: God was at work

At the end of each Crossroads weekend, everyone has a story to tell. They all have different and unique perspectives on how God has revealed Himself during their time at the ranch. Dustin Burnett, who has been an instrumental part of this ministry from the beginning vision, is an experienced guide. Here is his story from the weekend: